Access TM1 Data from Everywhere

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Expose TM1 Data To Visualization Tools In Minutes vs. Weeks!

Intelligent, Real-Time Data Access

Dynamic real time access to TM1 data, no need to import or export, Expose all data from TM1. 

Use Your Visualization Tools

Share your data with your reporting tools including: Qlik, Tableau, PowerBI and more!

Easy To Use Drag and Drop Interface

TM1Connect generates a relational output format that requires no scripting!

Save Your Company Money

Reduce reliance on consulting and IT services by no longer using the manual extraction process. 

Reduce Impact On TM1 Server

Smart cache reduces the burden on your TM1 server by caching data within TM1Connect.

Save Valuable Employee Time

Allows you to create and maintain your data conversions in minutes VS. weeks. 

Integrate TM1 Data With Other BI Applications Quickly and Easily.

Batch Exports

In addition to direct connectivity, TM1Connect provides scheduled batch data exports in several formats, including comma delimited (CSV) and tab delimited (TAB) text files.

Data Streaming

TM1Connect now incorporates data streaming technology for improved performance and reduced memory consumption.

Direct Access

With our ODBC driver, you can connect directly to IBM Cognos TM1 without the need to export and import data.   Changes in TM1 cubes are available in real time to your applications.


Create direct access data views & file extracts using a multidimensional graphical interface.  No need for scripting or complex logic for dealing with hierarchies.

TM1 Security

Honors security defined in TM1 as users request information. No need to re-create security controls in your applications.

Smart Cache

You have fine grained control over when and how the cache is refreshed for your reporting and visualization users.