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Version 4.4 Now Available!


TM1Connect Server Enhancements

  • Added request caching.  Any requests for data from TM1 which are similar to a previously requested query are resolved from a temporary cache rather than performing a subsequent request.  For example, if two views use the same dimension and attributes, TM1Connect will only perform the dimension request once, even though the views are queried separately.
  • Log settings accessible from TM1Connect Manager.  Enabling and disabling logging and tracing can now be done by the Manager rather than manually editing the configuration file.  Also, any changes made in the Manager settings will become effective immediately and will not require restarting of the server.
  • Improve SQL Syntax Support.  Added support for multiple conditions in SQL queries containing IN and NOT in clauses.  Multiple WHEN statements are now allowed within a CASE statement.  Boolean data type are supported in SQL Queries.
  • Added Version Update Check.  TM1Connect will now check for updates periodically in the TM1Connect Manager UI and will notify administrators when a new version can be downloaded and installed.

ODBC Driver Enhancements

  • Added Kerberos integrated authentication.  ODBC driver now supports integrated authentication using Kerberos.  Any client applications connecting to TM1Connect using the driver will not need to supply a username or password to access TM1 data.

TM1Connect Configuration Enhancements

  • Improved error reporting.  When an error occurs while using the TM1 REST API, error messages now show the underlying error generated by TM1.

Data Agent Enhancements

  • Ability to specify sub-directories for output file destination.

Bug Fixes

Fixed SQL Issues

  • DateTime data types working properly when client is in a different time zone from server.

Integrated Authentication

  • User name is no longer required to be specified in the configuration in order for the integrated authentication to work.

TM1 Rest API using SSL

  • In the TM1Connect configuration utility, users can now test the TM1 Rest API URLs that are using HTTPS protocol without a timeout occurring.

Known Issues

  • None

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Version 4.3


  • Improved data throughput performance and memory consumption; especially on larger views.
  • Tableau server pass-through authentication upgrades.
  • Improved caching algorithms during Tableau discovery queries.
  • Private subsets are now supported when connecting via ODATA.
  • Improved handling of foreign language and Unicode character sets.
  • Views created in TM1 that use subset aliases now automatically are reflected in TM1Connect view definitions.
  • Completely re-designed logging capabilities for in-depth analysis of all aspects of operation including TM1 server requests and responses, low-level operation timing and memory consumption.
  • Improved parsing of SQL statements that have sub-queries, UNION and HAVING clauses.
  • Added support for SQL date/time functions (e.g. TIMESTAMPADD, DAY, MONTH, WEEK, QUARTER, YEAR).
  • Added ability to run 'EXTRACT' SQL function.

Bug Fixes

  • Default view mappings in the Manager now include hierarchies and attributes.
  • Subset aliases are now used in the batch mode extracts as well as in the live mode.
  • Fixed logic for setting column data types for the published views.
  • Fixed SQL date formatting when using type conversions (e.g. Output will return a date when an SQL query contains clauses such as CONVERT('MyView'.'MyColumn', SQL_DATE).
  • Fixed order of the columns corresponding to the hierarchy attributes, when they are included in a published view.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a SQL query to fail when one of the string columns contained a single quote in the value.
  • Fixed bug in the Manager UI that would lose hierarchy settings for a view after saving and re-opening it.

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