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Version 4.3 Now Available!


  • Improved data throughput performance and memory consumption; especially on larger views.
  • Tableau server pass-through authentication upgrades
  • Improved caching algorithms during Tableau discovery queries
  • Private subsets are now supported when connecting via ODATA
  • Improved handling of foreign language and Unicode character sets
  • Views created in TM1 that use subset aliases now automatically are reflected in TM1Connect view definitions
  • Completely re-designed logging capabilities for in-depth analysis of all aspects of operation including TM1 server requests and responses, low-level operation timing and memory consumption.
  • Improved parsing of SQL statements that have sub-queries, UNION and HAVING clauses.
  • Added support for SQL date/time functions (e.g. TIMESTAMPADD, DAY, MONTH, WEEK, QUARTER, YEAR).
  • Added ability to run 'EXTRACT' SQL function

Bug Fixes

  • Default view mappings in the Manager now include hierarchies and attributes.
  • Subset aliases are now used in the batch mode extracts as well as in the live mode.
  • Fixed logic for setting column data types for the published views.
  • Fixed SQL date formatting when using type conversions (e.g. Output will return a date when an SQL query contains clauses such as CONVERT('MyView'.'MyColumn', SQL_DATE).
  • Fixed order of the columns corresponding to the hierarchy attributes, when they are included in a published view.
  • Fixed bug that would cause a SQL query to fail when one of the string columns contained a single quote in the value.
  • Fixed bug in the Manager UI that would lose hierarchy settings for a view after saving and re-opening it.

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Version 4.2 

  • Data Streaming Technology.   TM1Connect now streams the data from TM1 to your applications; significantly reducing memory consumption and improving performance.
  • Smart Cache Improvements.  We have made some tremendous performance improvements in session, and global caches.   Subsequent queries now perform 15-20x faster than native TM1.
  • SQL compatibility improvements and better support for sub queries.

Bug Fixes

  • Parent ID attributes on dimensions were not being returned properly.
  • Several SQL syntax fixes, including CONVERT and CAST of native SQL data types.
  • IIS worker pools now shut down during install.  Manual shutdown no longer needed.

Known Issues

  • Installer does not restart the pool when connection is changed from TM1 Native API to OData API or vice-versa.
  • Session caching settings are not exposed in the Manager UI.

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