Session Management and Performance

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Session Management and Performance

To configure these settings, open Advanced Settings and navigate to the Generals tab as selected below:




The following settings are applied system wide:


Session Timeout - Number of seconds before timing out a user session        

Connection Timeout - Number of seconds for timing out a connection

Subset Chunk Size - When processing large subsets, instead of loading all members at once, we do it in chunks - a number of members at a time.  This value specifies the size of those chunks to split up the subset into


The following settings are preview-related:


Preview View Row Limit - The number of view rows returned when previewing a view

Preview Subset Member Limit - The number of subset members displayed when previewing a subset

Large View Threshold - The number of view members before a view is considered large

Large Subset Threshold - The number of subset members at which a  subset is considered large