Using the QlikView Plug-in

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Using the QlikView Plug-in

The TM1Connect QlikView Plug-in allows QlikView applications to connect directly to TM1 without having to wait for a scheduled batch process to update the data. In addition to allowing real-time access to the information in TM1, TM1Connect can also leverage TM1 security for restricting information that can be seen on a user-by-user basis.

Information you will need:

In order to connect to TM1, you will need some information from the TM1Connect administrator:


TM1Connect URL

TM1 Username & Password (if not using integrated login)

Names of the published views that are appropriate for the application


hmtoggle_arrow1        Select the TM1Qonnect Plug-in in QlikView

hmtoggle_arrow1        Connect to TM1Connect

hmtoggle_arrow1        Select the view to import into QlikView

hmtoggle_arrow1        Reload the data