Advanced Mode Configuration

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Advanced Mode Configuration

Advanced Mode allows you to install and manage more than one instance of TM1Connect on the same server. This mode also allows you to install and configure multiple web sites, applications and application pools. In addition, if you have Enterprise Services also installed, you can manage and add Server instances of both TM1Connect and Enterprise Services from a single configuration utility.


Key to navigating in Advanced Mode is understanding the different node types found in the Server Tree, shown in the user interface below, and the operations available when each different type is selected.


hmtoggle_arrow1Advanced Mode User Interface


hmtoggle_arrow1Creating an Application


hmtoggle_arrow1Edting an Application


hmtoggle_arrow1Deleting an Application


hmtoggle_arrow1Creating a Site


hmtoggle_arrow1Editing a Site


hmtoggle_arrow1Deleting a Site


hmtoggle_arrow1Creating an Application Pool


hmtoggle_arrow1Editing an Application Pool


hmtoggle_arrow1Deleting an Application Pool