Security in On-Demand Mode

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Security in On-Demand Mode

In On-Demand mode, TM1Connect leverages TM1 security to determine what dimensional and cube data the user has access to when retrieving information from the system. However, depending on your application needs, you can adjust how TM1Connect authenticates to TM1 in three different ways:






Care must be taken when using pre-defined authentication to prevent the user from viewing unauthorized information.


hmtoggle_arrow1        Pre-Defined Authentication

hmtoggle_arrow1        Integrated Authentication

hmtoggle_arrow1        Prompted Authentication



Warning Red Button_200pix

(QlikView Users Only)
Failure to perform a reload of the TM1 data when the QlikView document is first opened will result in cached data being held in the QlikView document; this is the same content as when document was originally authored. Perform a reload or partial reload upon document open in order to clear and populate data from TM1 that the user is authorized to see.