Scheduling Exports

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Scheduling Exports

Once a view has been properly configured it can be scheduled for automatic export to a QlikView (QVX), Comma Separated Values (CSV), or a tab delimited (TXT) file. To access the scheduler, click on the Scheduler icon in the view toolbar. You will see a screen similar to the one shown below:

Scheduler Screen


If this view has not been previously executed, the filename will be automatically populated with the name of the file the data is to be exported to.



NOTE: This file will be placed in the export directory specified during installation. You can use the TM1Connect configuration manager to change this setting.


Once the filename has been supplied, you can set up the scheduler to automatically execute the export on a future date and time by setting enabling the schedule and setting the options, or you can click on the Save and Run Now button. The Save and Run Now will immediately queue a request for export with the TM1Connect data agent.


Export Execution Status

When you first open the scheduler screen, you will be presented with an execution status of the last export that was run (if previously executed). The date and time along with the filename and size of the QVX file (if the file exists) will be shown here. It will also display the status of the TM1Connect data agent for that file, whether it is waiting, running, succeeded or failed.


Execution Status


If an error occurs, you can check the TM1Connect error log for details of the failure, and the TM1 Message Log for additional details (if needed).



NOTE: TM1Connect uses a dynamically created Turbo Integrator process specifically optimized for maximizing the speed of exporting data that is used to create the QVX file. Under normal circumstances this process is not visible in TM1, however the execution of that can be seen in the message log similar to the following example:
Message Log
If any process errors are encountered, the standard TM1 message log can be used to assist in determining the cause and remedy (i.e. Disk space error, file in use etc).


Scheduling Extracts


The scheduler allows for various execution schedules, including the ability to execute and run immediately. The available scheduling options are:

hmtoggle_arrow1        One Time Execution

hmtoggle_arrow1        Daily

hmtoggle_arrow1        Weekly

hmtoggle_arrow1        Monthly


Once a view has been scheduled for export, the navigation pane will now display a clock icon to indicate that the view is scheduled.


Scheduled View