Advanced Mappings

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Advanced Mappings

In some TM1 systems, advanced data transformations are needed to convert and homogenize information between TM1 and the application, especially for dates and Boolean values (T/F, True/False, Y/N, Yes/No, etc). Rather than relying on the application to do the work, TM1Connect provides conversion capability using Advanced Mappings. Clicking on the Advanced Properties button on the column in the Mappings screen will display the following dialog:


Advanced Mappings


With the advanced mappings you can adjust the formula used in generating the column values as well as apply advanced conversions and transformations on the data. The following properties are available in the advanced mappings:


hmtoggle_arrow1        Column Name

hmtoggle_arrow1        Formula

hmtoggle_arrow1        Enable Conversion on Output



NOTE: Data types other than String or Numeric are not supported in the exports for QlikView.