Flattening Hierarchies

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Flattening Hierarchies

Flattening hierarchies involves including the hierarchy members along with the members that are selected in the dimension. The options for flattening hierarchies can be found in the Advanced Properties tab of the Subset Properties dialog and is enabled by checking the Include Hierarchy option. These options are shown below:


Flattening Options


Enabling Hierarchy Flattening

Selecting Include Hierarchy option will enable hierarchy flattening and TM1Connect will insert a column into the returned result for each level that is contained in the dimension. The columns will be named using the dimension name suffixed by .L# (such as Period.L1, Period.L2). You can also return attributes with the hierarchy members (see Setting Flattening Options below).

TM1 Dimension

Flattened Dimension

Level Based Hierarchy

Flattened Hierarchy

hmtoggle_arrow1Flattening Level-Based Hierarchies
hmtoggle_arrow1Flattening Ragged Hierarchies


Setting Flattening Options

Once you have determined how to properly restrict the members that are to be used when flattening the dimension, the options for dealing with the members can now be set.

hmtoggle_arrow1        Fill Gaps in Hierarchy        

hmtoggle_arrow1        Include Member in Hierarchy        

hmtoggle_arrow1        Include Attributes in Hierarchy        

hmtoggle_arrow1        Start Hierarchy from Member